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Why Doing Good Makes Great Sense

Brand Purpose is a hot topic of conversation these days, but what is it exactly and why is it important to a successful brand strategy? A powerful brand purpose is the guiding star for how a company intends to change the world for the better. It justifies a company’s existence beyond acting purely as a […]

Stephen Millikin - COO Sinclair Stephen Millikin · 19 Sep 2019

All ears: How listening can make you a better storyteller

Storytelling is an art, but it doesn’t necessarily come naturally. Angela Ko shares why in order to tell stories, it often helps to listen to those of others

Sinclair · 29 Jun 2017
Great wall of fire: Alternative communications tools in Mainland China

Great wall of fire: Alternative communications tools in mainland China

What are the digital platforms to note in mainland China? Daniella Lopez reveals more, from WeChat to QQ.

Sinclair · 24 Jan 2017

Looking back: PR lessons learned from 2016

Holly Chan shares memorable moments and highlights from PR in 2016, as well as some valuable lessons she’ll be taking to 2017

Holly Chan - Sinclair Holly Chan · 9 Jan 2017
Hand holding miniature globe

How customisation is changing the face of travel

Customisation will make a big impact in the travel and tourism sector in 2017, writes Kevin Lam, requiring more nuanced in PR and social media

Kevin Lam · 19 Dec 2016

6 things to remember when creating a powerful brand story

Telling a good story is at the core of the PR profession, but it’s an art form that needs to be mastered have the right impact. Ridley Cheung takes us through the steps of creating a brand story with impact

Sinclair · 19 Oct 2016
Cheuk Wan Chi and her grandmother

Family time: Tips for travelling with parents

Candice Leung shares her top tips on how millennials and baby boomers can enjoy travel together

Sinclair · 3 Oct 2016
Joni Mitchell

Both sides now: Making the leap from journalism to PR

What’s it like crossing over into public relations as a journalist? Adrian Lo has made the leap, and reveals more

Adrian Lo - Sinclair Adrian Lo · 23 Sep 2016

What is native advertising, and why does it matter in PR?

Kevin Lam discusses how PR professionals can leverage native advertising in content-led campaigns, and why they should

Kevin Lam · 27 Jul 2016

What makes a quality blogger event?

5 things to keep in mind when curating invitations for your next blogger event

Kevin Lam · 29 Jun 2016
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