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Happy asian girl shows something behind her during video call, demonstrating smth, standing on street

Revealed: 8 key influencer trends shaping Asia’s marketing evolution

With diverse cultures, languages, and consumer behaviours, Asia presents unique opportunities and challenges for brands seeking to leverage the power of influencers. Explore the top eight influencer engagement trends that are shaping the landscape of influencer marketing today.

Novy Chan · 20 Dec 2023
Four puzzle pieces fit together, representing the necessity of DEI in fostering great workplaces

Bringing DEI to life through employee communications

With so many companies focused on proudly showcasing their commitment to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) externally, there’s one audience that holds unparalleled potential for driving growth and success: our own employees.

Stephen Millikin - COO Sinclair Stephen Millikin · 20 Oct 2023
Content Marketing cover image

Content Marketing: 8 tips for creative and impactful strategy

From evergreen strategies to dynamic design, Sinclair’s content leads share their insights on how to unlock creative content for powerful results.

Sinclair · 6 Sep 2023
A banner image created for this article by AI on Midjourney

Will AI take my job? Why PR and communication professionals should embrace AI

Discover how AI can enhance PR work (within its limitations). Embrace this tech to optimise your time and resources as a PR professional.

Nikki McLucas · 24 Mar 2023
The Sinclair team doing the #EmbraceEquity pose for International Women's Day 2023

Embracing equity for women in PR

This International Women’s Day, our Founder and CEO Kiri Sinclair reflects on the importance of fostering a workplace culture that truly values diversity, equality and inclusion.

Kiri Sinclair · 6 Mar 2023
Sinclair’s team of expert consultants share their insights in our Industry Trends Forecast 2023

Industry Trends Forecast for the Year of the Rabbit

Sinclair’s team of expert consultants share some insightful industry trends to look out for as we fast forward into 2023.

Sinclair · 3 Feb 2023
Scattered papers on a desk, with a phone in the centre

Why a regular brand audit is the key to success in 2023

We delve into the reasons why, in 2023, organisations should be utilising brand audits to optimise marketing strategies and realise growth.

Yvonne Kwok · 4 Nov 2022
Colourful silhouettes of people

Five ways to put Diversity, Equality and Inclusion into practice

Promoting diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace is crucial. But how do you it? Moreover, how do you even begin the conversation?

Sai Roshini Daswani · 16 Sep 2022
A boat floats on the river in Nanjing, China. Residential housing in the background.

ESG in China: What brands should know

A deep dive in to how brands in China can demonstrate their commitments to ESG and implement into their marketing strategy and communications.

Zongzong Yuan · 26 Jul 2022
A woman holds a mobile phone in front of her to take a selfie

Best engagement practices on Chinese social media platform RED

RED is one of China’s foremost fashion and luxury shopping social media platforms. The rapidly growing platform provides great opportunities for global and local brands to increase their awareness in China. How can brands build and increase engagement to win on RED?

Astrid Wu · 23 Jun 2022
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