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Greater Bay Area: The opportunity and challenge for Hong Kong public relations consultants

How is the Greater Bay Area initiative changing the game for Hong Kong’s public relations professionals? Kevin Lam shares his thoughts.

Kevin Lam · 21 Mar 2019
Digital PR - Holly Chan Sinclair Insights

How to put the ‘digital’ into digital PR

What does it mean to be a practitioner of digital PR? Holly Chan breaks it down.

Holly Chan - Sinclair Holly Chan · 23 Nov 2018
The big dilemma facing luxury brands in China right now - Rachel Zhou Sinclair featured image

The big dilemma luxury brands in China are facing right now

Luxury brands in China are at a fork in the road. Rachel Zhou explains.

Sinclair · 6 Nov 2018
What you need to know about content marketing - Sinclair

What you need to know about content marketing

Content marketing is one of the hottest topics in the communications world right now. How can you make sure that your brand is doing it correctly?

Nik Addams · 9 Oct 2018
hy Starbucks in China is the example other internationals need to look to - Starbucks Roastery Shanghai

Why Starbucks in China is the example other internationals need to look to

How has the coffee giant done what many others before them have tried and failed? Elly Porter takes a closer look at the success of Starbucks in China.

Eleanor Porter · 24 May 2018
Facebook news feed

Facebook gets real: What the new News Feed algorithm means for your brand

The changes to the Facebook News Feed algorithm will have a serious impact on how brands position themselves on the platform. Nikki McLucas shares her top tips on what brands need to do in this brave new world

Nikki McLucas Sinclair Nikki McLucas · 2 Feb 2018
Sinclair x Yaki Man We Influence Creatively

We influence creatively

As an integrated communications agency, the team at Sinclair understand that creativity is the cornerstone that creates impact.

Kevin Lam · 14 Sep 2017
We Influence Strategically

We influence strategically

At Sinclair, we influence through a strategic approach to integrated public relations that is focused on organisational or business objectives.

Kiri Sinclair · 7 Sep 2017

6 things to remember when creating a powerful brand story

Telling a good story is at the core of the PR profession, but it’s an art form that needs to be mastered have the right impact. Ridley Cheung takes us through the steps of creating a brand story with impact

Sinclair · 19 Oct 2016

Teaming up: How do brand partnerships work?

What to think about when considering this lucrative, and quickly expanding, area of communications strategy

Sinclair · 27 May 2016
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