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China’s art ecosystem grows in scale and scope

At both an art market and institutional level, China is shifting up a gear, and it’s a place the world should watch with interest. Elly Porter shares her insights.

Eleanor Porter Sinclair Shanghai Eleanor Porter · 14 Nov 2018
PR trends 2018

6 PR trends to know for 2018

From micro-influencers to big data and everything in between, our experts weigh in on what the PR world will look like in 2018

Sinclair · 29 Dec 2017
Sinclair We influence for good

We influence for good

We actively seek and select projects dedicated to building a better future in the communities in which we live, work and play.

Kiri Sinclair · 3 Nov 2017
We influence careers

We influence careers

As a business that relies on having a talented team, a successful PR agency is one that attracts and retains the right people.

Kiri Sinclair · 27 Oct 2017
We influence the story

We influence the story

Along with a flair for media and influencer engagement, we have a passion for building market relevant brand narratives. This is how we influence the story.

Kevin Lam - Sinclair Kevin Lam · 20 Oct 2017
We influence across industry

We influence across industries

At Sinclair, our expert team of strategists work across industry with one goal in mind: to create business impact through persuasive storytelling.

Kevin Lam - Sinclair Kevin Lam · 12 Oct 2017
Sinclair We Influence Through Partnership

We influence through partnerships

At Sinclair, we invest in a brand’s below-the-line strategy to build reputation, trust and loyalty.

Kevin Lam - Sinclair Kevin Lam · 27 Sep 2017

We influence outcomes

PR is one of the surest ways to strengthen brand perception and change perspectives. This is how we influence outcomes.

Kiri Sinclair · 21 Sep 2017
Sinclair x Yaki Man We Influence Creatively

We influence creatively

As an integrated communications agency, the team at Sinclair understand that creativity is the cornerstone that creates impact.

Kevin Lam - Sinclair Kevin Lam · 14 Sep 2017
We Influence Strategically

We influence strategically

At Sinclair, we influence through a strategic approach to integrated public relations that is focused on organisational or business objectives.

Kiri Sinclair · 7 Sep 2017
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