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6 things to remember when creating a powerful brand story

Telling a good story is at the core of the PR profession, but it’s an art form that needs to be mastered have the right impact. Ridley Cheung takes us through the steps of creating a brand story with impact

Sinclair · 19 Oct 2016

Teaming up: How do brand partnerships work?

What to think about when considering this lucrative, and quickly expanding, area of communications strategy

Sinclair · 27 May 2016

Why companies are lining up to partner with the arts

Next time you’re looking for a collaboration idea that’s a little ‘left of centre’ – think art

Kiri Sinclair Hong Kong - Founder & CEO Kiri Sinclair · 15 Apr 2016
The Optimist

Launching a new restaurant in Hong Kong: 4 ingredients for success

Emma Williamson on the four key things to keep in mind – from a PR point of view – when launching a new restaurant in Hong Kong

Sinclair · 27 Oct 2015

Why a CSR campaign is also good a PR campaign

Jessica Playford explains why CSR isn’t just good for PR, but also good for business

Sinclair · 3 Aug 2015
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